The Economy And Natural Habitat of Massachusetts

The Bay State is blessed is natural flora and fauna that makes the area worth visiting. Having been at the forefront of industrialization and progress in the United States, the area is home to corporations and businesses that thrive in a self-sustaining economy.

The largest of all the corporations (Fortune500 Companies) situated at Massachusetts are; the Liberty Mutual Insurance Group, and the Mass Mutual Financial Services.

Due to the quality of life and high standards of living, the per capita personal income for 2012 was $53,221, the third largest in the United States. Massachusetts is also renowned as an industry leader in the following fields:  biotechnology, defense, finance, healthcare, higher-education, information technology, and tourism.

Considering that it’s a densely populated urban state, it’s not out of place to find manufacturing companies everywhere. These companies engage in all sorts of manufacturing that include but aren’t limited to electrical and electronic equipment, industrial equipment, technical instruments, plastic products, paper and paper products, machinery, tools, and metal and rubber products. While these are still very much part of the new Massachusetts, they’re gradually giving way to the services mentioned above – financial service, insurance, education, biotechnology etc.

In natural minerals, Massachusetts possesses small deposits. The minerals mined in the Bay State include: Lime, clay, sand, gravel, and stone.

Of importance to the economy of this urban American state is tourism of which Cape Cod is the most popular. The beaches in this cape ensure that tourists never lack the beauty and wonder of sea-life and staying by the beach.

As far as nature is concerned, Massachusetts also has them in abundance. The total land area is currently 68% of forestland. This enables wildlife growth. Despite the urbanization of the Bay State, 219 endangered species still exist within its borders and teeming wildlife are available for all to see. Peregrine Falcons and Coyotes have made a home in urbanized areas as they either live in office towers (falcons) or rummage through the garbage bins for food (coyotes). White-tailed deer, raccoons, wild turkeys and eastern gray squirrels can be found throughout the area, while Moose and black bears have returned due to the gradual reforestation of the land-area.

 These and more can be found in Massachusetts – the home of the Bruins and Celtics.

Sports in Massachusetts

Sport is embedded in the fabric of Massachusetts. From little leagues to the biggest leagues with full media coverage spread over the United States and foreign countries, you can never be bored.

Early sports that took root in this state are basketball and volleyball, with Springfield housing the Basketball Hall of Fame, and Holyoke; the Volleyball Hall of Fame.

Other sports are also common. They are but aren’t limited to; golf (a PGA tour is hosted here every year), baseball, road-race, bicycling, hockey, soccer and lacrosse. In other words; whatever your sports leanings are, you’ll always find the right group in Massachusetts.

Boston Celtics is a prominent basketball team in NBA. They have on their current roster, super players like; Point Guard – Avery Bradley, and Shooting Guard – R.J Hunter. For silverware, the Boston Celtics have won 17 NBA championships.

The Boston Bruins is the hockey team. They have 6 Stanley cups to show for their efforts.

The Boston Red Sox is a huge baseball team with a total of 8 World Series. The now defunct Boston Braves also weighed in with 1 series.

Other sports clubs include but aren’t limited to; the New England Revolution [participates in the MLS (Major League Soccer)], New England Patriots (participates in the NFL), Boston Cannons (outdoor Lacrosse), and Boston Thirteens (Rugby).

There are also clubs and teams that participate at the different sporting levels ranging from; minor/semi-pro leagues, NCAA division one, NCAA division two, NCAA division three, and NAIA. One thing is clear; there are no dull moments in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts is a state that has all the trappings of a great place to live in permanently, holiday-in, or just go on a tour of. With the various sports and the surely packed stadiums and almost fanatical following that naturally characterizes their presence in a county; the Massachusetts area sure has enough to keep you occupied.

About Massachusetts

If you’re searching for an urban area with all the technological trappings without leaving out the homely feel, Massachusetts is the place to be. Also known as the ‘Bay State’ and ‘Old Colony State’, Massachusetts packs the punch when it comes to keeping you impressed.

Located in the northeastern part of the United States in the New-England region, it is home to the largest New-England city – Boston, and the busiest airport – Boston-Logan International Airport.

Bounded on the east by the Atlantic Ocean, Connecticut and Rhode Island to the south, New-Hampshire and Vermont to the north, and New York to the west, Massachusetts is the epicenter of all progressive activities.

The foundation of this great state was laid by pilgrims seeking greater freedom of expression in Plymouth, from where it has steadily grown. The industrial revolution of the 19th century had a great effect in adding value to the state. Formerly subsisting on agriculture, fishing and trade, its businesses shifted to manufacturing, and then to services in the 20th century.

From the 19th century up until the present day, Massachusetts is known to be a center of learning. Academic centers have existed here for a long time and they have set standards for other to follow. The oldest university in the United States – Harvard University is situated in this great state. This university possesses the largest endowment funds of any institution of higher learning, and a huge number of United States Supreme Court Justices are Alumni of this great university.

The largest city in Massachusetts is Boston. It is known as the ‘cradle of liberty’ as it was here that the foundation of the ‘American Revolution’ was laid. In present times though, Boston is home to various businesses and founders of technological advancements. To this end, Massachusetts is known as a global leader in Biotechnology, higher education, finance, information technology, and maritime.

As at 2012, the population of Boston stood at 636,479. Majority of its inhabitants reside in the Greater Boston Metro area from where they conduct their various businesses.

As far as official emblems go, Massachusetts has them in abundance. Listed below are some of them:

Flower – Mayflower

Tree – American elm

 Bird – Chickadee

Song – ‘All Hail To Massachusetts’

Beverage – Cranberry Juice

Insect – Ladybug

Cookie – Chocolate chip

Muffin – Corn muffin

Dessert – Boston cream pie.

Massachusetts awaits you if you’re open to learning and growing.